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KEW 1009 - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1011 - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1012 - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1019R - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1020R - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1021R - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1030 - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1020R - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1052 - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1061 - Digital Multimeters

KEW 1062 - Digital Multimeter

KEWMATE 2000A - Digital Multimeter with AC/DC Clamp Sensor

KEWMATE 2001A - Digital Multimeter with AC/DC Clamp Sensor

KEWMATE 2012RA - Digital Multimeter with AC/DC Clamp Sensor

kew 1109S - Analogue Multimeters

kew 1110 - Analogue Multimeters

Extremely large jaw with tear drop shape: ideal solution for busbar and large currents!

  • Conductor size φ75mm and busbar of 80×30mm or less
  • Current up to 1000A rms
  • Voltage up to 1000V rms
  • Harmonics up to 30th
  • Various measurement functions: current, voltage, power, harmonics
       and phase detection
  • LCD can display simultaneously the values of voltage and frequency
       or power and power factor
  • Each degree of harmonics can be shown on the LCD of the tester
  • BluetoothⓇ communication functions

Industrial Drives, We understand your needs
from power supply to process

Supplying the technical solution is one thing, making sure it works according to your requirements is another. That requires personal commitment and a true understanding of your process. Adding our engineering competence will help you improve efficiency. We can design complete drive solutions or deliver turn-key projects, including everything from engineering to commissioning.


CG VFX/FDU 2.0 Emotron form Crompton Greaves

CG FDU/VFX 2.0 Drives Offer Reliable, Cost-Efficient and user-Friendly Operation of your Pumps, Fans, Compressors, Crushers, Mills, Mixers or Blowers. Full Control Process Ensures an Optimized Operation, with Reduced Energy Consumption and Less Downtime. The CG FDU/VFX also Protects your Eqiupment Form Damage and Unnecessary Wear. The Complete Range Covers Motor Powers from 0.55 to 3,000 Kw.

Our Supports in Other areas

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1. Power Conditioner Energy Audit, Energy Study
UPS's, Stabilizers (Servo/Static/Isolation) Service & Upgradation
2. Energy Saver PQ Audit. Pq Study
Panels (ApFC, Harmonic Filter (Active/ Passive Hybrid)) Fault Finding & Upgradation
3. Instrumentation Thermography Check & Audit
Analyser's (Portable/Panel) Calibration
4. ONLINE Energy Monitoring System TANGEDCO Certified A Grade Contractor
Wire, Wireless, Cloud Based Technoligies ENGINEERS & CONSULTANT
5. Power Trading (Energy Cost Management)
Renewable Power (Wind/Solar)

Online Energy Management System –EMS System

Power Quality Analyzer’s and Power Monitors

Thermal Imagers

The handy Thermal Imager that makes it very simple to perform thermal inspections for energy audit and ensures trouble-free industrial, electrical or mechanical maintenance and Troubleshoot more efficiently, create detailed reports easier, and share images and findings faster with thermal imagers.

Featuring a fresh array of imaging, communication, and productivity tools to help you get more done in a day.

Filters, Thyristor based DPFC, EMC/RFI